Our Remarks

Our thoughts about the exhibition

Carl Michael Gräns
Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and ECOWAS

Natural disasters are pestering our planet, more and more frequently, and more and more violently. We hear the calls for action, from the youth movement, from all the sectors of society and from the scientists. We must act on science and facts. The time to act is now. The world and our very own children are calling upon us to act. No one can do it alone. But if we all work together we can do it.

The Embassy of Sweden in Nigeria is proud to partner with Art for Humanity, the organizers of the Abuja Photo Festival, on the occasion of this year’s World Environment Day 2020 in hosting this Green Action Exhibition. We are impressed by the work of incredible Nigerians photographers documenting the degradation of the environment through their powerful images and calling for the protection of our planet.

Osaze Efe
Executive Director, Art for Humanity and Abuja International Photo Festival

Visual art poses the ability to reawaken human consciousness to the narratives that would ordinarily pass without awareness. The medium of photography in particular does not only inform and heighten our sensibilities, it provokes action in a way that humanity moves to bring about the necessary change. 

In commemoration of World Environment Day 2020, we are proud to partner with Embassy of Sweden in Nigeria to curate the works of six photographers (Mark Silas, Abdulrasaq Adebayo, Jerry Chidi, Jones Bamidele, Oke Oluwasegun, and Muhammad Mubarak) who have used their lens to remind us all of the threatening realities facing the earth our role is taking the necessary steps to preserve the environment for a safe future for mankind.