Mark Silas “In the Midst”

The work is a narrative of the state of the environment we live in. The photographs were captured in Kaduna, Kaduna State. Unhealthy environments wield devastating impact on global health and human safety. A healthy and serene environment is necessary for a safe and happy life. It improves human health, productivity and facilitates the growth of our ecosystem. The photographs are therefore a call for a friendly environmental behavior.

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About the artist

Mark Silas is a Kaduna Based photographer, I’m also an experienced educator, a Teach For Nigeria fellow, and data analyst. My photography journey began 10years ago with a Nokia Asha 200 phone. Within the past 2 years, my work has strengthened its voice in social advocacy, creating awareness, and stimulating public conscience on social problems in our communities. My objective is to address societal problems and remold its image through photography.


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